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Climate Change

Superstorm Sandy1

Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath

Climate change is real and it is happening now. Many countries witness hugely damaging disaster like cyclones, flood. Global warming which is part of climate change is happening too. It is no longer something facing future generations. We and future generations face the same problem. What about Qatar, what is it facing now?

It is finally winter in Qatar. After mildly pleasant weather (despite to the fact that it is already winter) we had when we gathered in a friend’s villa, it is now 12 C with strong winds. Though strong winds create a slightly dusty atmosphere, children are busy playing with their bikes, kites, etc outside of their home. We can see they are playing with their appropriately suit season attire. What amazed me is when the westerners, whom I assume the Brits enjoy their ice cream at Doha malls in this cold weather. Brrr..

children kites2

Due to climate change, Qatar is also facing shortage in certain poultry food. Even though it is not direct reason, I mean it is because Saudi Arabia stopped its export of eggs and chickens to Qatar, I think still the main reason of this, is the climate change. Qatar government tackle the problem by importing from other neighbouring countries such as Oman, UAE, and also from Brazil.

Climate change is one of the serious threats for our planet. If it is what we are facing now, imagine what our future generations will have. We need to act now, if it is possible to reverse the trend. Do whatever you can, even at the smallest scale, to improve our planet. Save energy, by switching off light bulbs when it is daytime. I know electricity and water bill is virtually free in Qatar, but it does not mean you do not have to save energy. I believe you are better than that. Start recycling, start it now…



# Pictures are courtesy of Google Images and Gulf Times