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Why do we need Islam?

By Daud Matthews

Man first came to earth with knowledge. He was not ignorant. He had been taught by God. It was only when Man lost contact with God that he became primitive and took to worshipping idols. It is up to each one of us to find our way back to the One True God.

Let us look around us. What do we see; we see cars, buildings, planes, boats, bridges railways and so on. All of which have been constructed by mankind. In other words, Man can utilise the resources available but he cannot make the resources. Then, if we look again we can see animals, vegetation, birds, mountains and valleys, the sky, stars, moon and the sun, along with mankind.

Where did they all come from? These are the things that man did not make. Do they just happen to be there? Can man create an egg or a seed? Even the woman comes into the world with her life-time supply of eggs. So, Man is not a creator, he can only utilise the resources, which are already provided.

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